Tassle Keum-boo Earrings

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Stunning geometric earrings with reticulated sterling silver and an accent of gold that shines in the sunlight. Oxidized and polished to enhance the reticulated silver texture. Chain tassels for extra movement. Then 23.5k gold gilded on using an antient Korean technique called keum-boo.

Reticulation is used exclusively by studio jewelers to produces a ridged textured surface through controlled heating. Reticulation involves heating a sheet of gold or silver alloy up to 10 times to oxidize the copper at the surface, then pickling to remove the oxide and leave a thin layer of pure metal. This process results in different melting temperatures between the surface and the interior of the sheet, in the interior flows before the surface metal does resulting in wrinkles that look like a mountain ridge or surface of the moon. Do to the nature of the technique each piece is unique in its pattern and can never be repeated exactly making each piece special and one of a kind.