Double Power Ring, 14k Gold Fill

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Inspired by my love of geometrics and their strong symbolism. The triangle has a lot of meanings for starters, it is connected to the number three which can represent balance, truth, and wisdom. Depending on their orientation and The point-down triangle can represent female energy, water and earth. The Symbols for air and fire are formed from point-down triangles which can represent the descent into the physical world. A triangle represents manifestation, enlightenment, revelation, and a higher perspective. This ring can serve as a reminder to the wearer for all things powerful, the things we have in our control as well as those of the things that happen in life that we cannot control.

Carefully handcrafted with 14k gold fill wires formed then hammered for a textured pattern on its finish.

Item details:

  • This item is made to order, fulfilment time is up to 2 weeks
  • Made with 14k gold fill