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Each piece is of jewelry is handmade with love and care in my home studio. I also offer custom designs, these you can work directly with me to make something truly unique and one of a kind for you or a loved one! Please click HERE to contact me directly or go to the Contact Us page and tell me about your request and I will try to get back to you as quickly as possible!
Here’s how it works!
A recent customer contacted me about wanting an engagement ring custom made. He already had a photo that his girlfriend had pointed out and asked if we could make something similar. We talked about a budget, type of gemstones that were desired and a color scheme for those types of stones. We landed on the idea of doing a piece with 14k yellow gold and a gradient of white to black diamonds with a center salt and pepper diamond.
(Original Designer Unknown) 
The next step was for me to draw out some designs for him to see. (I apologize for my sketches you would think I would have excellent sketches after 5 years in art school)
After Seeing my sketched he said that she would actually prefer a design that was asymmetrical. And we landed on a final design more similar to the originally inspired ring. I asked for 50% down to start the project to purchase supplies. We found some beautiful diamonds that were responsibly sourced Tuscan Gem Show and I also purchased recycled gold to start building the ring.
Using 14k square wire I formed the wire to make a V shaped ring similar to the soft arch stackable rings I make and I also made a regular circle band to then combine the two. I custom fit a seat for our pear shaped main salt and pepper diamond, building each piece with precision and care. Then soldered prongs onto the seat for the fitting and sawed a space for the seat to fit in the flat band to be soldered it together as one ring. Then I sawed half the V shaped ring in half, filled down the ends at an angle to solder down to the other ring band.
One the whole thing was together I then went to setting all of our little 1.5mm melee diamonds. Using a mixed idea of prong and pave setting I drilled each hole watching the spacing between and was careful not to remove too much material. This part was done under a microscope and very slowly but once all the holes were in place then it was time to polish up the ring to start setting all the gemstones! Leaving a very shinny surface underneath each diamond for maximum sparkles.
I worked my way from the 1.5mm diamonds to the bigger 1ct pear diamond. Without too much trouble the ring was finished! I showed my client that it was ready to be picked up and asked for the second half of the agreed cost of the ring.
Not all custom designs have to be gold and diamonds. Here are some other custom design projects:
14k Gold with a center ruby and 2mm citrine side stones
Sterling silver and reticulated silver spinning ring for men. 
Found object set into a statement ring with turquoise and sterling silver. 
Aquamarine and feather designed sterling silver earrings.
Custom Size and color gemstone Spinner Ring
Custom Size and color gemstone Aqua Essence Ring 

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